Change from v711 to v720 and now icon problems.

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In my test area I just changed from version 7.11 to version 7.20. Now several icons (left arrow, right arrow, closing X) are not displaying correctly. On my desktop computer the icons are boxes and on my tablet they display as (possibly Chinese) characters. Version 7.20 did fix the other problem with tool tips. To view the current problem, hover over a name with the blue "i" next to it and then click on the small image of the player that is displayed. Here are the links for 7.11 and 7.20.

OOPS - Found the problem. I discovered that the .htaccess file was not distributed with version 7.20. Added the .htaccess file and now the icons are displaying properly.

I did notice that the Prev Next icons and verbiage are located to the right with v7.20 and were centered with v7.11. I prefer them to be centered.
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Including .htaccess for everyone created problems for some, so the details for serving a centralized single instance of Floatbox to multiple sites has been moved into the Instructions.

From the 7.2.0 change log:
-- Strict centering of panel components assigned to the 'tc' or 'bc' position is no longer assured. It was too expensive in terms of blank panel space left unused on either side of the center cell, and could easily mess up the layout on smaller screens or browser windows.
-- Because strict centering in the panels is gone, the 'centerNav' option no longer exists as well.

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