Floatbox is:
  • A professional-grade javascript library for displaying windowed content over top of web pages.
  • Supported on all modern browsers, mobile and desktop.
  • Free, open-source software released under the MIT License.
Floatbox includes:
  • The world's most robust and versatile 'lightbox clone' for image galleries, video, and HTML content.
  • A powerful and easy to use HTML5 video player.
  • Efficient and intuitive tools for presentation and processing of forms.
  • Enhanced tooltips and context boxes attached to any page element.
  • An image and thumbnail cycler for in-place sequential display of a set of images.
  • A powerful and comprehensive JavaScript API and library.
Floatbox is distinguished by:
  • Maturity — continuous development and improvement since 2007.
  • The only tool in its category that pays attention to mobile devices and is explicitly coded to work seamlessly with touch gestures and small screens.
  • Unparalleled flexibility with lots of settable options to get the customized appearance and behaviour you want.
  • A comprehensive set of API and library functions giving code-able control over Floatbox functionality and dependable general programming for web pages.
Where to next?
Notification as to Maturity:

Version 8.2 (now 8.5) of Floatbox is a very substantial and significant update. Its purpose is to fix all outstanding small problems and to restructure and solidify large portions of the code in preparation for letting this release stand as the final Floatbox update. If any significant bugs that don't have a suitable end-user workaround are found, they may be fixed in an updated release. Other than such bug-fixes, further enhancement and evolution of Floatbox is not in the cards.

I'm quite satsified with the quality and completeness of this release. The 11 years of development effort to bring Floatbox to this point of maturity has been much more work than I ever anticipated. I'm sincerely grateful to all of you who have found Floatbox to be worthwhile and useful, and I hope you continue to find it of value for a long time to come.


Nice things people say

Absolutely perfect for presenting content in a professional way and leaving a true quality impression.

We absolutely love Floatbox and utilize it for alerts, confirms, video, i-frames, ajax content, and everything! Excellent product and excellent support!

The more I use it, the more impressed I become. You have obviously taken a lot of care so that Floatbox integrates smoothly.

Simple, beautiful, elegant and a tremendous time-saver.

FloatBox is Perfect! I was up and running with it in less than 10 minutes!

I tried a lot of products and this one was fantastically easy to install and simply worked straight away on this fairly complicated web site and all the configuration options needed were there. Excellent work!

The ease of its usage, along with WHAT it can be used for, is amazing!

Of all the many _boxes out there yours is the finest of all and best supported.

An outstanding product. For what web development has to offer today, you pretty much have all the ooh/ah factor taken care of!

It is the perfect mix of simplicity and intelligent design and it has the easiest set-up.

Powerful, elegant and intuitive.

It's a valuable asset to be able to quickly deploy and we trust it 100% cross browser/device.

Not only is Floatbox the king of lightbox clones but the documentation is superb.

A beautifully designed and documented library.

This is nothing short of an amazing package. There's nothing close out there.

An amazing product. It does things that many of the other lightbox solutions don't and is very easy to configure and use.

The documentation is extremely comprehensive and quite easy to follow.

Great customer service!

I'm still amazed by the amount of personal attention you give to this project. I wish everyone was as dedicated to their products and quick to follow up as you are.

There is no website or support forum I surf that gives such concise, lucid, and thorough support, along with real-world solutions to tackle and solve webmaster issues.

We are very pleased with the ease of use, full functionality and even the price of this software.

After trying many lightboxes I am impressed with Floatbox. It does far more than I would ever ask of it (and does it with style) and I can use it in my pages with ease.

I really like your component - it's awesome and definitely the best of its type I have seen to date.

I tried many different programs but yours was the most comprehensive and visually appealing.

I am amazed at how much more Floatbox can do than all the other ones I tested.

This software is "Outstanding" and deserves a higher purchase price!

Your script really helps my photos look so much better. A perfect script, all I could ask for. Thanks!

Support is utterly fantastic and the product adds both elegance and quality to the sites using it.