Putting a Little Space Around a Tooltip

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I am finding that tooltips are appearing a bit too close to the element that they are attached to. Is there any way of putting a few pixels of space between the tooltip and the element?

My globalOptions are:
  licenseKey: "*********",
colorTheme: 'black',
endTask: "loop",
showNavOverlay: "once",
shadowType: "hybrid",
boxCornerRadius: 6,
slideInterval: 3.5,
doSlideshow: true,
showOuterClose: true,
strongTextColor: "#333333",
overlayColor: "white",
boxColor: "white",
transitionDuration: 5,
resizeDuration: 5,
overlayOpacity: 40,
padding: 12,
outerBorder: 0,
showIE6EndOfLife: true

And the relevant classOptions is:
placement: "top",
width: 300,
padding: 12,
outerBorderColor: "#30A097",
boxColor: "#3AB3A9",
contentBackgroundColor: "#3AB3A9"

I've tried removing attachToHost. That helps when the mouse is moved slowly down from above, but makes it worse when moved up from below.
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Try assigning the boxTopAdjust option. For example, "boxTopAdjust:-10" will move the tooltip up 10px from its calculated display position.
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Brilliant! Thanks.

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