propagate floatbox class down to inline references

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<div class="custom-referencesLinkContainer" class="custom-morelink floatbox" data-fb-options="group:uid2">

<a href="#uniqueid-2-0">See</a>
<a href="#uniqueid-2-1"></a>
<a href="#uniqueid-2-2"></a>
<a href="#uniqueid-2-3"></a>


<div class="custom-referencesSourceContainer">

<div id="uniqueid-2-0">
Ref. 1

<div id="uniqueid-2-1">
<img src="styles/images/example1.jpg" />
Ref. 2

<div id="uniqueid-2-2">
Ref. 3

<div id="uniqueid-2-3">
<img src="styles/images/example2.jpg" />
Ref. 4


doesn't work.

Putting the class and group option to each "a" works though! :)
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Inheritance of the floatbox class from a containing div works reliably. Check for typos, stale browser cache content, debug console messages, that sort of thing.

If you want to show me the live page that's giving you trouble, I'll take a look and see what's really going on.

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