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Hi. I very much like Floatbox. There is one thing though, that I miss (and that most Lightbox-clones don't have):

if somebody has javascript disabled, the <a href... is followed and the (full-size) image is loaded. However, this doesn't look very professional - much better would be that the href URL links to a normal webpage where I can, for example, set a nice background, center the full-size image or even have a non-javascript image gallery etc.
However, that would mean, that Floatbox has to get the full-size image URL from another tag. iBox (another Lightbox clone) solved this nicely by using an extended rel-tag: rel="ibox&target=/path/to/picture.jpg"

Maybe Floatbox could do this too?

[ I know that I could use the fb.loadAnchor(href, rev, title) for one image, like in

<a href="/non-js-gallery/index.html" onclick="javascript:fb.loadAnchor('big.jpg','caption:Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!', 'The big one'); return false;"><img src="small.jpg" title="The small one"/></a>

but I don't see how I could use this with a group of images because I can't use rel=""...]
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Thanks for the reasonable and helpful request. I was just about to package up a new minor release that will be the last one for a few months. Your request is just in time to make it into the next version (3.24) as an "href" option. Set this in the rev tag of an anchor and floatbox will use it in preference to the real href attribute.

Although personally I don't care about people who disable javascript in their browsers. It's 2008 fer chrisakes. If you don't want to come to the party, then don't. I have no more interest in disabled javascript than I do in worrying about folks who disable showing of images. But I understand other site developers may be kinder than me.
wow, thanks for the fast answer. looking forward to the upcoming version! :D

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