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For whatever reason the server I am working on is configured not to serve .json files, and we will be using Floatbox in English, so it works fine without successfully retrieving the language file.

Is there a configuration option to make it not request the file? If not, should I just dig in to the code and pull out the part where it is doing that?
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I would expect the ajax calls for the json files to fail gracefully and silently. But I gather this is not the case in your circumstances.

Immediately after the line that begins
this.browserLanguage = (navigator.language ...
is an if() block that begins
if (!this.isChild) {
You can delete that whole if block or just change the initial conditional to
if (false) {
Thanks, Floatbox is awesome, and your response time is amazing!

The calls fail fairly gracefully. It does show an error in Firebug, when it fails to retrieve the file, and presumably in Firefox's Error Console, though I never look there since I use Firebug.

Plus it causes unneeded requests and noise in our error logs.

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