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I'm starting some tests with google maps and floatbox. Everything works fine till I move to google earth. I don't know if this a problem with google earth object or Browsers.
In IE7, floatbox appears part in front of google earth and part on the back. However, I can open and close floatbox without problems. Is there any kind of zorder function that can be used in order to guarantee that floatbox is always in front?
In Firefox, floatbox opens ok, but when I close it, google earth object don't work no more.

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I don't have a solution for you, but can make a couple of observations.
First, I don't think it's a z-index problem. Floatbox's z-indices begin at 90000 and go up from there. That should be big enough to get on top of pretty much everything else.

I suspect, since google earth is showing above this, that it is not actually in the browser display flow. For example, flash with a default wmode of "window", creates its own window (hWnd) over top of the browser and displays inside that, so no matter the z-index of the browser content the flash is above this because it is not in the browser. That is why floatbox and other lightboxes need a hideFlash capability. Java applets can display in their own window too, giving the same always-on-top problem.

It sounds like google earth might be doing the same. If this is so, the only way I think it can be handled is to find a way to hide the google earth display before opening up floatbox. Sorry, I don't know how to do this. I'd love to hear from someone else who has wrestled with integrating google earth before.

And I have no idea why the google earth object is broken in Firefox after showing floatbox. (I haven't been much help in this post.)

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