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I'm way older than Floatbox and I would never send out a Notification of Maturity!! My wife can attest that I will never mature.

Seriously, thank you so much for the immense brain power that has went into Floatbox all these years. I'm sure you were rewarded little yet sacrificed much to make Floatbox as robust as possible. I know that many of us users have gazed in awe at each changelog release. We're thoroughly impressed with your skills.

I will proceed with updating to the latest 8.2.2 and every time a floatbox pops up, I will think of you and your hard work!

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Like eworbit, I'm also an immature old person who has utilised Floatbox over quite some years - I second everything he's said :)

You've continued to upgrade and keep pace as the environment has developed from the days of Netscape to current touch-screen devices - this can't have been easy!!

Many thanks for Floatbox and the exemplary support.

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I also really appreciate the program and all your hard work. I think I understand your reasons, but iet saddens me that you won't continue to develop the program.

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