fbCycler not running in floatbox window

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I have a sequence of images running in an fbCycler, but this doesn't work when the page is called in an iFrame in a floatbox window.

This is the page


(the clickable image in question - labelled 'Caister Beach' - is about 1/3 of the way down the page)

but I've also created a test page with just a single clickable image


and this is the page with the fbCycler that's called in the iFrame


It looks like something is stopping the fbCycler from running in the iFrame. Is this a security issue? And is there any way round this?

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Thanks for the clear examples.

It's an internal Floatbox bug.

There's a mechanism that pauses cyclers that reside in a document beneath a modal floatbox. The bug is that it also pauses the cyclers that reside inside the upper floatbox.

In the source code the problem is the line
if ( !instance || limit < instance.stackOrder ) {

That should be less than or equal
if ( !instance || limit <= instance.stackOrder ) {

In the compiled 8.1.1 core.js, the matching code segment is
You could judiciously add the = to that.

There's a minor update in the release chute and this change will be in there.
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Thanks Byron - that's fixed it.

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