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Hi, I've recently installed the latest version of this script. Its working great but, I have received allot of complaints from users running IE6. I checked and I did have the latest version with the fixes included. My users said they were seeing this being displayed 'Floatbox does not support Quirks mode
page needs to have a doc type

I took the script out of the header on the forum pages until I could hear back from you. I did ask users to upgrade their browsers and no other browsers are reporting this problem. I also did not see any issues running FF3, Chrome and IE7. Thank you for a great piece of software.

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Floatbox doesn't support quirks mode. There must be something about the doctype headers on your pages that is putting IE6 into quirks mode but is not doing so for other browsers.

There's a good wikipedia article on quirks mode that includes a table which shows two XHTML doc type headers which set only IE6 into quirks mode.

IE6 requires that the doctype declaration be the first line of the source file. If anything appears before the doctype, IE6 reverts to quirks mode. In particular, you don't want an xml declaration at the top of XHTML 1.0 documents. I don't know if this covers your case or not.
Hello, Thank you for the reply. I have been alittle busy so its taken awhile to give a full reply. I had tried to test this again.. but, its been hard since I don't have IE6 to run.

My forum site does have an extraheader thats loaded via PHP. It does appear that I may loading two pages with two HTML headers. This has not been an issue until I've run this script. My forums is at:

Please feel free to email me and I can even send you the files if need be. Thank you so much for your help. I'm very happy with Floatbox as its so easy to configure and install. I plan on unitilizing it further.

My forums doesn't have the Floatbox in the header code at the moment, but I can turn this on if need be and can look at it. Just email me.

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