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Do you plan to improve floatbox aesthetically? I have some suggestions.

One of them is to get new pictures for close button. I am not saying that yours doesn't look good, I am just saying that it looks... pixelated (and pixelated isn't web2.0 :)).

So I edited the css file and pointed the file to a png file (gif files can't give "smooth" results.)
So I created a png24 with black bg, so ie6 won't have any problems.
Then I noticed that the font that I picked for the png image did not match the default font of floatbox, so I edited the css file and changed #fbBox #fbCaption font-family to "Corbel, "Trebuchet MS", Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif".
I used photoshop to create a sample close button. Get the png from here.

User posted image

Version 1:
User posted image

Version 2 (floatbox cuts off like 1 pixel off the right and bottom I think):

User posted image

So try it out and tell me (follow directions to make it look good) what you think of it. Since you will have rounded corner and stuff like that, I think having a proper close button that is not square will look so much better. I think you should try to just use png24's instead of gifs - make them with different backgrounds. Overall, it will look much better.

If you want the psd file, just give me a shout.

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