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I was using version 5.4 and just updated to version 7.2.

Two problems:

(1) With 5.4 when I reduced the browser's width to simulate a small screen, a typical floatbox showing an html page would readjust (reflow) the text. See on the "Genesis.." and resize the browser.

With version 7.2, the text does not reflow. See on "Genesis..." and resize.

(2) How can I control the text at the lower edge of the floatbox, font and size?

Dennis Lilla
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Version 5.4 certainly handled auto-fitting HTML content better than 7.2 does. The reason for the deterioration has to do with changes made to improve the scroll-ability of HTML content on iOS touch devices. Unfortunately, those changes were applied too broadly: they should have been applied to only iframe content.

Version 7.3 is just about out the door and it fixes this issue. It also fixes a couple of other important issues and all users of any prior version 7 release really should update to 7.3.

By "text at the lower edge" I think we are talking about the caption and the close button. Captions can be comprised of HTML markup, which can of course use any font-size. There's a Captions section in the Instructions that discusses this thoroughly.

The various controls, such as the 'close' button, have their size set in floatbox.css. Rather than modifying that file (that will be overwritten with each Floatbox version upgrade), you could look for the relevant bits in floatbox.css and override those bits in your own css on the page.

Note that by default, on small mobile screens the text is removed from the controls (showControlsText:false), leaving only the icon graphics, freeing up precious space, and probably removing motivation for fiddling with the size of the controls.
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Excellent explanation regarding solutions to my problem(s). I'm looking forward to ver 7.3 and planning on using the expanded features. Thanks for your prompt response.

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