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My direct links with class="floatbox" are working on my iPhone, but when I use fb.start() they are opening in a new window instead of a Floatbox. This is my code:

$('.buy').on('click', function(){
var itemnum=$(this).attr('data-itemnum');
var qty=$('#qty_'+itemnum).val();
href: '_addtocart.asp?item_no='+itemnum+'&qty='+qty,
rev: 'width:260px height:200px boxRoundCorners:none boxCornerRadius:0 contentRoundCorners:none outerBorder:0 innerBorder:0 padding:0 panelPadding:0 showClose:false showOuterClose:true'

Is this a limitation of fb.start() or am I possibly doing something wrong?

I am simulating a Floatbox class="naked" link in this case.

Thank you!
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You may wish to set mobileNewWindow:false in your options. Please check out the Options Reference for details of that setting.

Unrelated, but the fb.start syntax used in your example is very old-school, having been replaced with a simpler and cleaner syntax starting with version 4.0 in 2010. Please check out fb.start in the API Reference, and note that that old legacy syntax will likely not be supported in the upcoming version 7 release.
Registered: Apr 2009
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I fixed both issues, thanks for your help!

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