Purchase & Registration

What will happen when you purchase from this page

We use the PayPal service to securely and safely process payments. Payment can be made directly from PayPal account balances or by use of almost any credit or debit card. You do NOT have to be a PayPal account holder to use this payment service.

If paying by credit or debit card, on completion of the transaction on the PayPal site please select the "Click here to complete your purchase..." button to return to the Floatbox site. If paying directly from a PayPal account, your browser should return to this site automatically. Upon return to this site, you will be presented with the license key for the newly registered web site and receive instructions on how to install that key. A receipt for the transaction will be emailed by PayPal and a separate email confirming the purchase and license key will be sent from the Floatbox site.

All prices are in US dollars.

Single-Site License

Purchase of a single-site license enables perpetual usage of Floatbox on the one registered web site.

Take care to enter the site's domain name accurately. The license key will be operative when running under this domain name only. (It is not necessary to include "www." or "http://" prefixes as part of the domain name.)

domain to register

Multi-Site License

Floatbox registrations and licenses can be purchased in bulk at reduced cost. Simply select the quantity of site registrations you are interested in and the discounted price for that quantity will be shown.

Enter one site's domain name for registration on this form. After payment, return directly to this site where you will be given access information for the Floatbox registration self-serve page. The self-serve page is used to complete the registration and obtain license keys for the other sites at any time, and to maintain a record of your completed registrations and license keys.

first domain to register

Redistribution and Product Integration

Do you have a web-based application or service that would benefit from having floatbox capabilities for some of your screens? A customized version of Floatbox can be built that will show your application content on an unlimited number of sites without the need for each site to be licensed. The cost for the custom build and associated redistribution license is $375. Please contact the author if you are interested in pursuing this.