fb.start.href not working.

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I can't get this working :(

I'm calling useFB like this:

function useFB() {
fb.start({href: document.forms['dadescompra'].action + '?' + fb.serialize(document.forms['dadescompra']),rev:" blablabla"})
return false;

The floatbox opens, but I only get this:

The requested URL /es/codi/empreses/mitsubishi/[object Object] was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The form is:

<form name="dadescompra" id="dadescompra" action="formlacaixa.php" method="post">
<input type=hidden name="Ds_SignatureVersion" value="xxxx">
<input type=hidden name="Ds_MerchantParameters" value="">
<input type=hidden name="Ds_Signature" value="">


formlacaixa.php exists, How can I avoid this [object Object] in href??

What am I doing wrong??


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That's an ancient and obsolete syntax for the fb.start() arguments, so you must be using an old version of Floatbox.

If you suspect a Floatbox bug is at play here, the first thing to do is to upgrade to the current version. A large number of bugs have been resolved over the years, and I can't provide any support for old versions. Note that if upgrading, you may need to refer to the current docs for current syntax and modify some of your code and markup in some cases.

Nothing jumps out at me from eye-balling your report. I think you will have to use standard developer tools to narrow in on the problem. For example, you could console.log( fb.serialize( document.forms[ 'dadescompra' ] ) ); and see what you get. Also console.log( fb.serialize( 'dadescompra' ) ); and see if you get something different.

If it looks like the serialize function is acting up, see above. If serialize is looking ok on its own, keep slicing and dicing to figure out the problem. Sorry I don't have a quick resolution for you, but I can't see anything obvious from reading the code snippets.
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Hi again,

I went back to an older version of floatbox and everything is working fine now.


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