Floatbox frame will not properly resize when browser size is changed.

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I am having a problem whereby the Floatbox frame will not resize when the browser size is changed after the Floatbox frame is active. It works on one page but not on another. Here is a scenario.

Browser is not maximized. Click on a link to open the Floatbox frame. Make the browser size larger either by dragging the browser edge or by clicking on the Maximize icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. On one page, the Floatbox frame will resize properly (to fill the browser page), but on the other, it will not change size.

The only difference I can see between the two pages is as follows:

The one that works as desired has autoStart:true in the link and activateMedia:false.

The one that does not work as desired has autoStart:false and activateMedia:true.

Here is the one that works as desired https://www.bmwmoal.org/events.php. The Floatbox frame opens on page load.

Here is the one that does not work as desired https://www.pickleball-huntsville.com. When the page opens, click on the News Archive link in "You may also view all posts at the News Archive page".

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Both examples are iframe content - but with a crucial difference.

The one that works is a same-domain iframe where the iframe source page comes from the same domain as does the host page.

The one that does not work is a cross-domain iframe with the host page loading from www.pickleball-huntsville.com and the iframe's source page coming from blog.pickleball-huntsville.com.

Javascript is blocked from taking any action or reading any info across cross-domain iframe boundaries and this prevents Floatbox's auto-sizing from succeeding.

If you can rig things such that the second example loads from the same domain it's highly likely that resizing will work the same as it does on the first example.
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Thank you very much for the prompt reply. That fixed it.

I was aware of the cross-domain thing, but made the erroneous assumption that if the top domain was the same, then it should work. I can see why it shouldn't work as the sub-domain could point to anything the creator of the sub-domain wanted.

As usual, support is Great for this product!

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