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My slideshow is automatically pausing if I switch tabs in the browser or minimize the browser. Is this behavior controlled by Floatbox or is this the browser itself pausing the slideshow?

P.S. If it is Floatbox, is there a way to control this setting?

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Yes, animations and slideshows are paused whenever a browser has set the document.hidden flag to true. This flag is part of the Page Visibility API. It is fully controlled internally by the browser and cannot be set or cleared by script.

Additionally, some (all?) browsers suspend animation requests and CSS transitions while a page is not visible. This behaviour has clear benefits for reduced CPU usage and active page responsiveness, but has also been seen to lock up a page for a few seconds when a tab unhides from a long period of inactivity and all the suspended animations play to catch the page up to its current state. Floatbox's suspension of its animation and slideshow requests prevents this page freeze when tabs are re-activated.

No, neither Floatbox's nor a browser's built-in handling of animations on hidden documents can be altered by settings or by script.

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