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Hello Admin!
Big fan/longtime fan of floatbox here.
I'm putting together a new site and I've run in to a problem with my options for tooltips

In my options.js I am trying to apply some settings:
  tooltip: "outerBorder:0 autoEnd:8",

And want to change the white border around the tooltip to
#116A94; Dark blue

My options.js is working recognised because it is working on my media floatBoxes.
 media: "outerBorder:0 innerBorder:0 padding:0 panelPadding:0 boxScroll:false colorTheme:'white' showClose:false",

I can apply the settings inline with fbTooltip and they take but I'd like to set them globally for all tooltips.

Is there a common solution to this or a silly mistake I have made.
Thanks in advance for your or anyones help!

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When you speak of the "white border", I think you are probably referring to the floatbox background area (where the controls and captions go), and not the outerBorder or innerBorder. There's a colors section in the Options Reference that tells us that this can be set with the boxColor option.

The enhanced tooltips section of the Instructions talks about assigning option preferences to tooltips. In version 6.x this can be done in options.js by defining className options for the fbTooltip class. For earlier versions, see the docs that came bundled with the version you're using.
Registered: Apr 2015
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Great thats what I was missing and its working now.
Appreciate your quick help

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