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I use floatbox to enhance Joomla components many times without any problem, but for the very first time, Floatbox doesn't work as expected.

I added Popup Thumbnail in a Joomla component PHP code.

When I mouse over it works as expected.

But when I refresh (AJAX) the page to change the view, the Popup doesn't work anymore.

I reproduce the problem on my test site with a simple Joomla site.

Best is to have a look at my test site for a better understanding:

Mouse over the green square : Popup works
Change the view (for exemple, click on Week), Mouse over the green square : Popup doesn't work anymore.
You can again change the view to Month: problem is the same

I also check the code Page Source : exactly the same.

Thanks for help.
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Floatbox markup that's added to a page dynamically after the page has loaded needs to be activated with an fb.activate() call.

More detail can be found in the Instructions and in the API Reference.
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Quite easy !

Thanks very much.


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