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Good Day , this is my first post....great script.
I am trying to clean up my error codes in my web design and the dreamweaver program keeps telling me that some tags used with Floatbox are not supported in various browsers, there doesn't seem to any visual problems when I view the page in these browers, I was just checking to see if there is something wrong with my coding.

here are the messages
"the rel attribute of the A tag is not supported in IE 6.0 "
" the REV attribute of the A tag is not supported in Opera 8.0"

this is my code , it seems to telling me that rel & REV tags are not recognized in these versions of browsers. Should I be concerned about these errors, as I said it looks fine in my previewer.
my page site is


<div align="center"><a href="images/paperbundles/marie_antoinette.jpg" rel="floatboxgroup1" title="Marie Antionette French Paper Bundle" rev="info:#marie_info infoOptions:`width:350 height:300`"><img src="images/paperbundles/marie_antoinette_thumb.jpg" alt="" style="border-width:1px;border-style:solid; border-color:#72550f; padding:5px;"/>
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You can safely ignore those dreamWeaver warnings. The rel and rev tags in anchors are valid html but they have no effect on browser behaviour. All browsers ignore those tags. It seems silly that Dreamweaver would single out IE6 and Opera8 since the tags are equally ignored in those browsers as well.

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