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I saw that you already have a Portuguese version, however the one you have seems to be from Brazil. We talk the same language but with a few differences. Usually we differentiate both languages with Portuguese Portugal (pt-PT) and Portuguese Brasil (pt-BR)
I suggest that you name the already existing pt.json file to something like pt-br.json and this Portuguese Portugal version i'm writing below, to something like pt-pt.json.

// Portuguese Portugal (pt-PT)
"hintClose": "Fechar (tecla: Esc)",
"hintPrev": "Anterior (tecla: ←)",
"hintNext": "Sequinte (tecla: →)",
"hintPlay": "Iniciar (tecla: espa?o)",
"hintPause": "Pausa (tecla: espa?o)",
"hintResize": "Ajustar (tecla: Tab)",
"imgCount": "Imagem %1 de %2",
"nonImgCount": "P?gina %1 de %2",
"mixedCount": "(%1 de %2)",
"infoText": "Info..."
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Thanks very much for this.

That old pt.json file was one I put together myself using online translation dictionaries. This is always a risky approach that usually ends up with very poor results. (Play = play a game or a stage play for example). It was my hope that someone would correct and improve it, and now you have.

Floatbox uses only the two letter language codes in its browser localization detection. It's just too much trouble to try to support regional dialects. So your pt.json file is now the official one.

The new floatbox will include an optional print button and I need the correct text for that. Is "Imprimir" the right word for a print button, or...????
"Print" in swedish: "Skriv ut"
Yes, "Imprimir" in portuguese.

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