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I've gone ahead and made the changes within the floatbox.js and I even tried to put the enable cookies command within rev... For some reason, it tells me that cookies are not enabled on certain sites... dsw.com for instance. I can load them no problem but within the iframe, it tells me that cookies are not enabled.

You can check this out by going to http://www.josephst.com/beta/blank_3.html and click the dsw building. I really don't understand why it does that.

I've tried in several different browsers too and it does the same thing each time. So very odd.

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There's some confusion about what the enableCookies option does and does not do. It has no effect on the browser's configuration or ability to accept cookies. All it does is control the writing and reading of a single floatbox-specific session cookie, namely fbOptions. The only reason to enableCookies in floatbox is to provide a mechanism for site users to modify the floatbox configuration parameters. This was put in to floatbox specificially to enable the "Set Options" form on my demo pages so that people evaluating floatbox would have an easy way to try out the different option settings. The enableCookies option controls only the fbOptions cookie and assumes that the client is accepting session cookies. I shouldn't have used the plural but should have called it "enableCookie".

When I load the dsw building from your site, I do pick up 6 cookies from www.dsw.com. I pick up these cookies both when I load dsw through your floatbox presentation of it and when I load dsw.com directly in my browser. So, I think you're on your own on this one. :(

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