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I downloaded the latest source code and put it in my site, as per the directions. The FB code works great and images are being grouped and display and whatnot., My issue is that the FB window is always the same size (and are much larger than the actual image) . I have not modified any config settings or anything.

I have tried setting the height/width explicitly in the "rev" and that works. However, I need the window to resize (like the demo) autmatically when an image is loaded.

Any ideas?
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I've never seen this problem before. It sounds like what we think are images are actually coming in as html and getting the default dimensions of 85% and 82% of screen size. Can you give an example of one of your anchor elements?

Floatbox recognizes hrefs with extensions of jpg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp as images. Everything else is multi-media or html. If you are doing something like serving out jpegs using php and mime types, you will need to put "type:img" in your rev tags to force that type on floatbox.
The site is actually serving images up via a CMS system. It does this using an ASPX page. I added the "type:img" and it worked great.

Thank you for your help!


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