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First I have to say I am very happy for your work with Floatbox.

Now my suggestion for a new feature to Floatbox.

It would be very useful if there would be a choice in rev-attributes like autoStartOnce:true. It should be done with cookies and there should also be an individual attribute for that particular object with the autoStartOnce:true attribute.

With this feature you can add ads to your website without annoying users by constant ad flow.

What do think of this?

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autoStartOnce would be a reasonable capability to add and would be fairly easy to code. It's probably more useful than the existing autoStart functionality (aka, autoStartEveryTime). The challenge I have, and hopefully people can help with suggestions, is the definition of "once". Does this mean ever, today, this browser session, or ??? My first inclination is to set it as a session cookie which clears when the browser is closed.

Note that you can fake this capability in the current version with a couple of parameters passed in a query string.
This autoStarts the item based on the href and reloads the page without the query string on completion. I'm mentioning this just as an FYI. I understand the drawbacks of this approach and am not suggesting that it's a suitable substitue for an autoStartOnce option.

Let me know what you think about the duration of "once".
Maybe a session cookie would be most suitable.

Although there could also be an alternative attribute for cookie's expiration like autoStartOnce:true expires:1

For example:
0 = session cookie (default)
1 = today
2 = in a week
3 = never

and if expiration attribute is not set default expiration time would be used.
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I've implemented this as a simple variant on the existing autoLoad option. autoLoad:once is recognized and uses a session cookie for tracking. This was simple to implement in just a few lines, session is probably the most useful duration, and this usage is easy to document and communicate.

In the next minor release.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Sounds great. I am waiting for the release (or the code lines) to get on testing it.

BTW: Here is my version for the Finnish language translation.
// Finnish
"hintClose": "Poistu (paina: Esc)",
"hintPrev": "Edellinen (paina: ?)",
"hintNext": "Seuraava (paina: ?)",
"hintPlay": "Toista (paina: v?lily?nti?)",
"hintPause": "Tauko (paina: v?lily?nti?)",
"hintResize": "Suurenna/pienenn? (paina: Tab)",
"imgCount": "Kuva %1 / %2",
"nonImgCount": "Sivu %1 / %2",
"mixedCount": "(%1 / %2)",
"infoText": "Info...",
"printText": "Tulosta..."

Don't be disturbed of those obscure (left and right arrow) chars . :D
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So will we be able to set a session duration in the next release? Thanks!

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