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I really like floatbox! For one of my applications of it, I want to load the built-in slideshow function, but with a couple of changes.

Is there any way to:

1. make the floatbox open to a set width and height, even when the slideshow images are different sizes? Some photos are landscape, others are portrait. I would love for the floatbox to open at, say, 800x600, and center the content (jpg) in the space. This way I could keep the text links and play/pause controls static, regardless of how the image is shaped.

2. center the navigation index links ( I am not using thumbs - just numbers) in the floatbox - is this in the floatbox.css file or the .js file?

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1. You can certainly force all images to 800x600 just by setting floatbox's width and height options. But this will stretch and distort images that aren't natively of that proportion. There's nothing in floatbox that will let you display a sub-region of an image. You could do this by loading each image into an iframed document and setting that doc to display as you wish, but you would loose image fade transitions and resizeability of the images. I would think that the best solution would be to create 800x600 images of the display area you want and show those images in the floatbox gallery.

2. The only way to center index links is to attach them to the info panel (by default, they're in the control panel) and then center the info panel. indexLinksPanel='info' and infoPos=bc or infoPos=tc

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