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On my pages, for both the logo and the copyright, I use white .png files. I made these in photoshop, and I trust their white conforms to Internet standards. It has been unremarkable in all previous versions of floatbox, and has certainly matched the rest of the page.

But in this newest version, those imported .png files stand out like badly-tinted dental implants. Most of the page enclosed in the floatbox popup is a muted off-white. But my logo and copyright .pngs blaze away, jarringly at variance with the rest of the page.

It's hard to provide actual, online examples of this, because I reverted to an older version of floatbox and eliminated the problem for the moment. But it's not a good long-term solution.

Any suggestions appreciated in advance.
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Old versions use to default to colorTheme:'white' for html content while the new one defaults to colorTheme:'silver'. This change inadvertently sets the content background color to #ccc. You must have some transparency in your content that's seeing through to this new background color.

Fix it by setting css background-color to white on your content page's body and/or html elements. Alternatively, globally modify the new Floatbox's colors in fbOptions.js->type:->html: settings. Either revert to the old white theme with colorTheme:'white' or set just the background with contentBackgroundColor:'white'.

In the next bug-fix Floatbox release I'll keep the silver theme but default to a white background for html content using that theme. I appreciate you reporting this and giving me a heads up that there's some tweaking to be done here.

Looking at the code just now I see that contentBackgroundColor already does default to white for html content, so the off-white you are seeing is not that. I suspect you're looking at the floatbox's color; that is, the floatbox frame area surrounding the content. If so, then to make that white, set colorTheme:'white'
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