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Floatbox is handling my YouTube video nicely on desktop. On mobile devices, the popup isn't using much of the screen size. Is it possible to have the video open in full-screen mode? Or is that controlled by the browser? Thank you.
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I don't know of any way to programmatically open a video full-screened. I believe that always requires user interaction - by design.

To display things differently on small screens, set 'mobile' options. For example, to have a particular video open at max screen width on small devices:
data-fb-options="mobile:`width: 100%`"

This is probably a good idea for all videos, so in subsequent Floatbox versions I will extend the type:video options in fbOptions.js as follows:
   video: {
mobile: {
width: '100%'
height: '56.25%w' // 16:9
This of course can be done for existing versions out in the wild by editing the existing fbOptions.js file.

To get the largest size possible, one could also slip className: 'naked' into those mobile options.

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