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Doesn't work in a frame (not iFrame, but two nested frames) at my site:, over there 'dies & das' and then 'Galerie Venedig 1'.

At First only the picture was shown in the frame window, without floatbox effect.

Then I did try it with or without references of floatbox.css and floatbox.js in all related frame windows (index.html and dies&das.htm). The result was that nothing happens any more if I click on one of the images. Strange: It works with IE but not with Mozilla or Safari...

I am a little desperate because I like the floatbox.
Thanks for your help in advance!
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Hi jimk,

You'll never get it to overlay the whole page on a frameset document, and you'll never find a *box that can do that. The reason is simple. A frameset document can't itself display content. It can only contain frames which can display content. (IE is a bit of an anomoly here. It will display content attached to the base frameset doc, but that is contrary to the spec and is a quirk that is unique to IE.)

If you want a floatbox display laying over your entire page, you will have to change your page setup to use a normal document with iframes in place of the old frames. Then you can attach to the top normal document.

If switching your site to iframes is not on, you will have to content yourself with floatbox displays that are constrained to the innards of your frame documents. To make that happen, include "framebox.js" instead of "floatbox.js" in the framed document's header. (See the docs for more info.)
Hi admin!

:D thank you very much for your super-fast response! :D

A very nice idea replacing the framesets by iFrames! Thanks for this too!

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