Unexpected results with boxScroll and pageScroll set to false.

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When I display an iFrame box, I don't want it scrolling off the screen and I don't want the page behind it to scroll. I have set boxScroll and pageScroll to false in global options. This works great for iFrame boxes, but I have found that if a tooltip is displayed on a touch screen device, the screen cannot be scrolled until the tooltip is dismissed.

Is this the intended functionality? If yes, is there a method to disable this for tooltips (other than removing the settings from global options and setting it for each iFrame)?
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There's a number of useful ways to target and assign options beyond only global settings and per-item settings.

The Floatbox Instructions document has got a useful section on the choices available for targeting option settings.

In the case you outline, it might make good sense to place your option choices in the type:iframe section of fbOptions.js. Set here, they will apply only to floatboxes that are showing iframes, and not globally to all other floatbox types.

Note that you can specifically target tooltips by assigning settings to className:fbTooltip, but in this present case it should not be necessary if the scrolling options are properly limited to just the iframe content type they are intended for.
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