FB resize stops after 2 redirects

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**This all takes place within an Iframe.

I have an edit link on a grid with these parameters:

class="floatbox" data-fb-options="afterBoxEnd:`fb.$( 'theframe' ).contentWindow.location.reload()` showOuterClose: true "

The general options in fbOptions.js are this:

shadowType: "none",
outsideClickCloses: false,
showOuterClose: true,
showMoveCursor: true,
enableDragResize: true,
autofit: true,
autoFitSpace: 4,
inFrameResize: true,
resizeTime: 0.1,

It opens the floatbox great, there is a medium sized grid with a list of students. You pick a student (no FB options on that link) and you get the Date Picker page, which is a small grid containing a date picker. The modal resizes nicely.
You pick a date and press Next.

The next page inside the floatbox is a large grid.. but the size of the floatbox doesn't readjust to accommodate.

Instead it is still the small size from the previous page and the use has to use scrollbars to get around.

Any ideas?
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It would be helpful to see a live example to decipher. My speculation here based on a short verbal report is likely to miss the mark.

The content type will affect the behaviour. If the floatbox content is an iframe and the navigation within the iframe goes to a page served from a different domain, resizing cannot occur because the new content cannot be measured by script. Note that www.example.com is a different domain than example.com, as is mixing http and https content.

For any content type, you may have more control by not navigating and instead loading floatboxed content while setting sameBox:true. This load could be from a tap on a standard "class=floatbox" link, or from an fb.start() call.

Another approach could be to use the fb.resize() function without parameters after the final content is fully loaded.

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