Autostart not working in Firefox and IE

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Hi there - hope someone can assist. I've set up a test page for a client to open a floatbox when the page is loaded. It works fine in Chrome but not in Firefox or IE (both are up-to-date).

Code used is, I believe, correct:

<a href="promotest.html" class="floatbox" data-fb-options="autoStart:true"></a>

It was initially set to autoStart:once and I changed it to true to see if that was the issue. It works fine in Chrome but not IE or Firefox and I cannot figure out why! I disabled the block pop-ups option in Firefox in case that was affecting it, but no joy.

The actual page is <.....>

Any advice on this is welcome!!
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That's an ancient version of Floatbox you're running there - released in early 2009. The fix for your problem would be to update to a recent version where autoStart will work reliably in all contemporary browsers.

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