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Im am trying to load an swf (as3) with a query string which tells the swf where to go in some associated xml. Basically, it isn't working for me. Are there any tricks to this? Here is the link I am using to load it:

<a href="swf/slideshow.swf?wmode=window&bgcolor=#ffffff&scale=default&gallery=basketball" rel="floatbox" rev="width:640 height:505 scrolling:no ">Gallery 1</a></li>


My part is at the end of the string: "&gallery=basketball". I've tried it at the start of the string as well, to no avail. Any pointers?

Floatbox loads its window, and recognizes it is flash it is displaying, but the the file does not display (although it did flicker once)

Thanks for your help!
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I don't know why it's not displaying for you. I wonder if it fails in all browsers, or ???

There are two things I can suggest. Ideally those ampersands in your href querystring should be escaped to &amp;.

If that doesn't help (and I doubt it will), you may need to wrap your vids into html pages and load those pages as iframes in floatbox, thereby bypassing floatbox's direct flash loading.

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