Hi Byron,

I know your aversion to bloating FB with a whole heap of fancy visual effects. The simple fact is, for some folk the ability to achieve a particular effect is a deal-maker, and for others having lightweight code is a must-have. Mutually exclusive? Not necessarily.

Would it be possible to include some kind of floatbox compiler with FB distributions? What I'm thinking is having the full version of floatbox.js as you presently do, but include some kind of VB script where you can specify which features you want and it then compiles floatbox-lite.js with just the code for those features. That way if you want all the bells and whistles and are prepared to pay the filesize penalty you can just use it as is, but the purists who want to strip out all that for a lightweight solution can save perhaps 75% of the download penalty.

I'm no JS expert by any means, but in my uneducated look through the code it seems to just be one enormously long floatbox.prototype function with comma separated sub-functions. If that is indeed the case that FB is very modular, such there should (hopefully) be no reason why that long function couldn't be trunctated to include simply those bits that the user requires.

Something to think about on your holiday! :mrgreen: Enjoy the break!
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